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3-Ply Stainless | 10-Piece

3-Ply Stainless | 10-Piece

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3-Ply Stainless Multi-ply Cookware Set

Classic reliability. Innovative performance.

Featuring our signature MultiPly™ cladding technology, our Stainless 3-ply 10-piece set combines hardy stainless steel with heat-retaining aluminum for ultra-durable cookware that works anywhere you use it—indoors and out. Available in 3-ply and 5-ply for ultimate convenience.

  • 5-Ply Premium Construction
  • Any-Rack Dishwasher Safe
  • Cast Stainless Steel Handles
  • All-Cooktop Compatible
  • Durable Riveted Handles

How to get cooking:

  • Follow included stainless steel care guide
  • Wash and dry inside and out
  • Fire up your stovetop, oven, grill, or campfire
  • Cook up a storm and serve right to the table with elegance and ease
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    • Easy to Clean
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Easy Storage
    • Oven Friendly
    • Non-Toxic
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      "Because a legend lasts a lifetime"

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    • 1.5-Qt. Sauce Pan

    • 2.5-Qt. Sauce Pan

    • 3.5-Qt. Sauté Pan

    • 8-Inch Fry Pan

    • 10-Inch Fry Pan

    • 6-Qt. Dutch Oven

    304 Stainless Steel
    Easy Cleaning
    Aluminium Layer A
    Even Heating
    Aluminium Core
    Aluminium Layer B
    Heat Retention
    430 Stainless Steel
    All Cooktops

    All Cooktop Capable

    Goes in (any) fire for you.

    Gas. Electric. Glass. Induction. Oven. Grill. Use any heat source, and move seamlessly from stovetop to oven to table to dishwasher.

    Built for Life

    Handles anything you dish out.

    The thick, cast stainless steel handles feature concave ergonomics for physical comfort, plus sleek rivets to ensure a lifetime of durability.

    Legend Stainless Multiply

    Traditional Stainless Steel

    Excellent Heat Retention
    Cooks Evenly
    Consistent Performance
    Easy to Clean
    All-Cooktop Compatible

    Details & Specs


    Number of Pieces: 12

    Product type: Cookware Sets

    Dimensions: 28" L | 11.3" W | 17.3" H

    Cooking Surface:

    Thickness: 2.3 MM

    Weight: 39.0 lb

    Interior Material: Aluminum

    Interior Ply: 3 Ply

    Max Temp: 450 °F


    Dishwasher Safe: Yes

    Gas Cooktop Safe: Yes

    Electric Cooktop Safe: Yes

    Glass Cooktop Safe: Yes

    Induction Cooktop Safe: Yes

    Oven Safe: Yes

    Grill Safe: Yes

    Manufacturing & Shipping

    ASIN: L3609

    Model #: 850030771100

    Domestic Shipping: Free Shipping in USA

    International Shipping: No International Shipping

    Country of Origin:


    Does Legend MultiPly™ Cookware take a long time to heat up?

    While our MultiPly™ collections don’t heat up quite as fast as our Copper Core Collection, they do heat up much faster than other stainless steel cookware, which does not feature an aluminum center.

    Does Legend MultiPly™ Cookware heat evenly?

    Yes! The center of our Stainless MultiPly™ cookware is aluminum, which promotes even heating over the entire surface of the pan.

    Does Legend MultiPly™ Cookware retain heat well?

    Yes it does! Our 5-Ply collection retains heat longer than our 3-ply collection—but both feature an aluminum core, which helps lock in heat evenly.

    What is Legend MultiPly™ Cookware made of?

    This collection is made of 304 stainless steel and 430 magnetic steel—wrapped around a single- (3-ply) or multi-layer (5-ply) aluminum core.

    Can I use my Legend MultiPly™ Cookware in the oven?

    Yes you can! In fact, Legend MultiPly™ Cookware is safe to use on any cooktop, including gas stoves, electric stoves, glass cooktops, induction stoves—and even grills!

    You can also use our cookware in the oven!

    Will I need to replace my Legend Copper Core Cookware every year?

    Absolutely not! Legend Cookware is built to last, without the need for frequent replacement. Follow the instructions in our MultiPly™ Cookware Care Guide to make the most out of your new set!

    How is Legend MultiPly™ Cookware different from traditional stainless steel?

    The main difference between Legend MultiPly™ Cookware and traditional stainless steel is the performance. Because of its multi-layered construction, our cookware offers more even heating—and better heat retention—than regular stainless steel. Our 304 stainless steel layer makes it easier for food to slide in and out of the pan, making it quicker to clean. Plus, all our copper core pans are dishwasher safe for ultimate convenience.

    Is Legend MultiPly™ Cookware Non-stick?

    No. Stainless steel cookware is not non-stick—this includes our MultiPly™ Collection. However, our 304 stainless steel layer does make it easier for food to slide off the pan than in traditional stainless steel pans.

    However, Legend Slick is non-stick.

    Is Legend MultiPly™ Cookware dishwasher safe?

    Yes it is! All Legend MultiPly™ Cookware is safe to clean in the dishwasher.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews
    Sidney H.
    Perfect heat distribution

    The 1st thing you'll notice when you order this set is how heavy it is! Plus it is packaged very well...You get 12 pieces soyou have a lot of options for cooking. I especially like how fast even water heats up plus when you use the fry pan you definitely get more heat distribution than a regular cheapy pan-where things would burn on one side and not the other.And this set has markings inside to let you know the level of liquid which helps out for recipes.Overall very happy with it so far!

    Brayan L.
    Heavy duty cookware that tolerates my abuse

    I use these every day. I use them both on a ceramic electric cooktop and an induction cooktop. When I first received them, I was impressed with the packaging. Everything was received in pristine condition – no knicks, scratches or dents. I was very impressed with the way these were constructed. The handles are very thick and economical. Dash easy to hold. They are riveted onto each pot and pan. The lids are the same, where the handle is easy to grab, and the handles are riveted on. They are incredibly sturdy and are much heavier than my previous cookware. They must’ve kept that in mind when designing these because the larger sauté pan has both the long handle that you would expect to see on a frying pan, but it also has a shorter handle on the opposite side so that you can easily lift this with two hands. That pan alone weighs over 5 pounds. I have the three ply stainless steel set and it has been working out great. It conducts heat very easily on my ceramic stove top. I also appreciate that all of the parts have measurements both metric and standard on the inside of the pot. This makes measuring large quantities of liquid very fast and efficient without the added use of a measuring cup. I also like the fact that they are versatile for every cooktop but I can also put them in the oven. I love that when I am cooking items that require searing but need to also go in the oven or things like a frittata. There are five lids and seven pieces of cookware. However, two of the five lids are interchangeable between pots and pans. So every single piece of cookware is capable of having a lid if needed.
    The first time I used this I made the mistake of leaving it sit in the sink overnight with soapy water in. When I washed it the next morning the inside of my sauce pan looked like it had tarnished-it kind of had a iridescent spots throughout the base of it. I was a little disappointed until I remembered what I had read in the performance manual. It mentioned how to clean them and take care of them and to polish these with a little bit of vinegar water or lemon water if they should tarnish. I used just a touch of vinegar water on a sponge and it instantly renewed the finish without any effort or chemicals. I would highly recommend reading and following the instructions for care and maintenance of these. This is such a beautiful set of cookware and definitely sturdy, and I anticipate that I will be using these indefinitely.

    Carlo S.
    Beautiful but stains

    Beautiful and durable but just sautéed some vegetables and it already left stains :/ I preheated the pan, then added oil. Was hoping they wouldn't leave stains

    Not quite allclad but you won't care

    Rugged and beautiful, clearly built to last a lifetime. Works great on our usually frustrating induction stovetop. Pots that you'll be proud to hang in your kitchen. This set is an incredible value, would buy again over allclad every time.

    Noel G.G.
    They look beautiful

    I just got mine they look and feel expensive I’m hoping they are worth the money!



    southwest l.

    Gave these to my son in law for Christmas. He loves to cook. The product is very good quality. Keeps the heat. Easy to clean. He really liked them.


    I purchased this as a gift for my Mom. She is thrilled. Loves the no-heat handles and going from gas stovetop to oven. Product was well packaged with no mars or scars.

    Rodney M.

    I love these pans. They are super easy to cook with very sturdy and had great quality that I can continue to use for years to come.