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Love these pans

I just got these pans they look great! I have had all sorts of nonstick cookware and have never been really happy with any of them. I am hoping that these will be the pans that finally give me the results I am looking for. So far I am very pleased! They are solid, heavy duty pans that feel like they will last a long time. The coating seems to be very sturdy and I am hopeful it will stand up to years of use.

Thanks for the fast delivery!

Cast Iron Pizza Pan
Great cast iron pizza pan!

It's heavy cast iron and needs attention to keep it maintained. I am amazed at how many reviewers put theirs in the dishwasher, soaked or didn't dry it properly and didn't follow the care instructions then blamed the pan for rusting, yikes! It is time consuming to care for cast iron, which must be thoroughly dried and oiled to prevent rust, but well worth it as it bakes the most delicious food! I rinsed it with hot water and a stiff scrub brush (no soap), dried thoroughly with a lint free towel (old ones I don't mind being stained), buffed with oil and baked in the oven for 30 minutes as directed (aka the first "seasoning"). I used it right away for my homemade no-yeast crust with my own white sauce blend for my spinach chicken pizza, after seasoning the pan as directed, I rubbed a little more oil on the pan before putting my crust on, and my pizza turned out GREAT, cooked up even better than expected, did not stick, the crust was crispy even though I did not preheat the pan, and the toppings were cooked perfectly, (baked it at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. Wow, it was so yummy, my family loved it! I recommend this pan, but encourage you to first do the research as to how to care for cast iron to avoid rusting, which won't hurt you by the way if it does rust don't panic, just scrape it off with salt and a stiff brush then buff oil on it and bake the pan 30 minutes at 450 as directed. If you are looking for a lightweight nonstick pan to throw in the dishwasher this isn't that. If you don't mind putting in the effort for its care then this is a decent quality healthy-to-use cast iron pizza pan. Just realize it may start off with a rough surface that will smooth out over time as it gets more and more seasoned, and when cared for properly should last years to come. I would have given it five stars except for a minor manufacturing defect in the surface, a small hole that may smooth out over time, plus cleaning and seasoning it took a bit of energy, otherwise it came nicely packaged and was a good purchase overall.

Cast iron heaven !!

These pizza pans are worth money, a great value, easy to clean and cooks pizza on my pellet grill evenly and does it in about 20 min. I would recommend these pans to everyone.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Me enca ta mi producto Cast Iron

Es duradero, me sirve para hornear mi pan dentro del horno como afuera en el fuego.

Legend is amazing!!


Love these nonstick frying pans

As a foodie that loves to show off my omelet flipping skills i love these pans. They are way healthier than the teflon non stick pans because it is PFOA free, they are also very comfortable to flip because of it's light weight and how the handle is shaped. The coating appears to be of very high quality as it's made with 3 layers of non stick coating. Definitely recommended.

ease of use and quality

I purchased this dutch oven/cloche for baking bread. It performed as advertised and produced great results. The quality of the casting and seasoning was beautiful. I seasoned it 3 times before use as instructed and it worked perfectly.

defective product; excellent service

UPDATE:after writing my original (below) review, customer service reached out to exchange the item. customer service was able to send a replacement which was not defective and what was expected. the communication from Legend was great and the replacement hasn’t had any issues. DONT BUY THIS! spend the extra money elsewhere. i haven’t even used this and it’s already rusted!obviously you would clean something before you cook on it and eat from it. and that’s what i did, and this is the result after hand washing and following recommended instructions. unfortunately i already trashed the box so idk if i can return it or not but i will try to!

Needs sanding before seasoning

I received this and it's a lil bit bigger than expected even tho it says the size. I have used this both on the stove for heating tortillas and in the oven for pizza. So far it has worked pretty good. I did notice that mine seems to cone a little bit when I heat it up. It's got a slight wobble. When I first got this it was extremely rough to the point that I was afraid I would cut my finger or tiny flakes of metal would come off on my food. I took 100 grit sandpaper and just ran it over top and bottom to knock down all the roughness and then thoroughly washed it a few times. After that I followed the instructions to season it and did that 3 times. It could use a 4th time to help w the cheese not sticking as much. Overall I am satisfied with this purchase and expect it to last for many years!

amazing quality frying pan for cooking vegetables and fish!

Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Art B.L.B.L.
Legend Cast Iron Dutch Oven has earned it's excellent reputation!

I love making my own #keto or low carb sourdough, rye bread, this dutch oven retains the moisture that it takes to have that most desired crunchy crust and does an excellent job. The safety features are very much appreciated. Acceptionally well constructed for the price


I love this set. I cook everything I can in it. And to make matters even better, their customer service is incredible. I had a little blemish develop in my pan and I mean LITTLE (I attached a picture). From what I read the problem was simply the seasoning flaking off so I thought I’d contact legend and see the best way to about fixing it. I figured it would be re seasoning. Nope. They sent me a whole new set. Two days later brand new. I think the pans are awesome and so is the company. Can’t ask for better customer service than that. Most places won’t even return your emails or answer the phone anymore. I will definitely buy more from them in the future.

Good non-stick pans

I observed that food cooks evenly and does not burn or stick to bottom even with minimum oil.They have a solid base and strong handle for great grip. They are super easy to work with as they are not too heavy and easy to clean.I am considering other pans of bigger size to make a complete set.if you are confused to decide then go for them.

Cast Iron Pizza Pan
Rosemarie P.
Best pizza ever pan ever!

My best review is the picture that shows the pizza I made. I used homemade dough for crust, pizza sauce, and Daiya vegan cheese to create this masterpiece. I heated the pan for 30 minutes at 500 degrees, assembled ingredients in pan and then baked for 12 minutes at 500 degrees. A regular metal pan would not be able to create resulting delicious pizza! I highly recommend!

Cast Iron Skillet
Amazing product!!

Beautiful, its a good product!

Perfect heat distribution

The 1st thing you'll notice when you order this set is how heavy it is! Plus it is packaged very well...You get 12 pieces soyou have a lot of options for cooking. I especially like how fast even water heats up plus when you use the fry pan you definitely get more heat distribution than a regular cheapy pan-where things would burn on one side and not the other.And this set has markings inside to let you know the level of liquid which helps out for recipes.Overall very happy with it so far!

Cast Iron Skillet
Kherlopian G.G.
As advertised!!

Arrived on time, great packaging, product is as advertised nice and sturdy!

Great for Eggs

I ordered these pans specifically for eggs, and I’m happy with them. They are heavy and well made. The nonstick surface is perfect.I still use butter in the pan, and my eggs don’t stick at all. I can finally do over-easy without breaking the yolks trying to get the eggs out of the pan.Clean up is a dream. Just glide a soapy sponge over the pan and everything cleans up on the first pass.My only hesitation is the insert with the pans said to replace them every 5 years, so I guess time will tell how well they stand up.For now, I recommend them.

A great skillet for frying or baking in!

I use it for frying of course but it's great for baking in also! I bought it because some recipes I find on YouTube show them using cast iron in the oven and I wanted to be able to do that! You can't just use a wok in the oven ! I like the removable cool handle grip and the matching glass lid that comes with it! I thought the price was very reasonable also ! Comes with a guide for easy cleaning ! It's a hand it down piece of cookware that will last many lifetimes I'm sure ! No regrets here ! Thanks Amazon !

Heavy duty cookware that tolerates my abuse

I use these every day. I use them both on a ceramic electric cooktop and an induction cooktop. When I first received them, I was impressed with the packaging. Everything was received in pristine condition – no knicks, scratches or dents. I was very impressed with the way these were constructed. The handles are very thick and economical. Dash easy to hold. They are riveted onto each pot and pan. The lids are the same, where the handle is easy to grab, and the handles are riveted on. They are incredibly sturdy and are much heavier than my previous cookware. They must’ve kept that in mind when designing these because the larger sauté pan has both the long handle that you would expect to see on a frying pan, but it also has a shorter handle on the opposite side so that you can easily lift this with two hands. That pan alone weighs over 5 pounds. I have the three ply stainless steel set and it has been working out great. It conducts heat very easily on my ceramic stove top. I also appreciate that all of the parts have measurements both metric and standard on the inside of the pot. This makes measuring large quantities of liquid very fast and efficient without the added use of a measuring cup. I also like the fact that they are versatile for every cooktop but I can also put them in the oven. I love that when I am cooking items that require searing but need to also go in the oven or things like a frittata. There are five lids and seven pieces of cookware. However, two of the five lids are interchangeable between pots and pans. So every single piece of cookware is capable of having a lid if needed.
The first time I used this I made the mistake of leaving it sit in the sink overnight with soapy water in. When I washed it the next morning the inside of my sauce pan looked like it had tarnished-it kind of had a iridescent spots throughout the base of it. I was a little disappointed until I remembered what I had read in the performance manual. It mentioned how to clean them and take care of them and to polish these with a little bit of vinegar water or lemon water if they should tarnish. I used just a touch of vinegar water on a sponge and it instantly renewed the finish without any effort or chemicals. I would highly recommend reading and following the instructions for care and maintenance of these. This is such a beautiful set of cookware and definitely sturdy, and I anticipate that I will be using these indefinitely.

Cast Iron Griddle
Excelente producto

Excelente distribución de calor, después de limpiarla le pongo aceite limpio y así lo guardo. Se ha conservado perfecto y hace un efecto de teflón. Recomiendo ampliamente

Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Melanie m.m.
Homemade bread bakes perfect

Loved it met all my expectations

Durable and heavy and fast heating

Fantastic! I love this brand. When I opened the box, I knew I had made the right choice. I have been through a few skillets and tried everything and thrown out everything. I’ve probably spent a small fortune on lesser quality pans, thinking I’m saving money, only to replace them a few years later.
This time, I wasn’t going to do that. I have an electric cooktop, but I sometimes use an induction burner if I’m running out of space or cooking outside. So I needed something versatile. Legend cookware is capable of cooking on all surfaces. I knew I wanted stainless steel, no coatings to chip or scrape off a few years later. But I also wanted something that cooked fast and consistently.
I have stock pots from my wedding almost 25 years ago, which take forever to heat up.
Therefore, the multi-layer stainless steel, aluminum and copper system was highly appealing. It’s like a sandwich of all the best cookware materials, and this skillet is fantastic.
I’m not joking when I say it’s heavy-duty. This thing has some weight. It weighs over 4 lbs. so if your looking for a lightweight skillet for a backpacking trip, this probably isn’t for you. But if you want something to last years of use and wear in your kitchen, this might be perfect.
I love that it can go from the stove to the oven. Ideal for searing or frittatas. It says it’s dishwasher safe, but I haven’t tried that yet. I prefer to wash it by hand so it’s ready for the next time I cook.

So versatile

I love this set. I used the top “skillet” almost everyday while camping and used the Dutch oven to make the crunchy campfire Mac and cheese in the photo. I preseasoned the pieces per the instructions, clean up is a breeze. I bought this for camping but have moved it right into my kitchen now that we are home. I know I will use it often.

Good quality

I have had the same non-stick cookware for 13 years, and I decided it was time to upgrade.

When I bought the Legend copper core set, I first noticed how much heavier they were, but I could tell this was due to the higher quality compared to my old pans.

I had asked if the handles were hot while cooking and was answered yes. So far, the handles are warm but not hot enough that it would burn me. I have yet to use every piece in the set. So I don't know if that is the case with all pieces.

As for sticking, I expected it to be different then non-stick pans. I cooked bacon, and some stuff did stick. I leave the pan in water and then clean it. It isn't that hard to clean, but it is different.

Overall I am satisfied with the cookware set and hope to have it for the rest of my life as it says it has a lifetime guarantee (I am 35).