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Love these pans

I just got these pans they look great! I have had all sorts of nonstick cookware and have never been really happy with any of them. I am hoping that these will be the pans that finally give me the results I am looking for. So far I am very pleased! They are solid, heavy duty pans that feel like they will last a long time. The coating seems to be very sturdy and I am hopeful it will stand up to years of use.

Thanks for the fast delivery!

Better than the big name brand that’s more than twice the price.

I use my pot for lots of things like stews and soups. The pot heats up quickly, holds heat for a very long time off stove and isvery easy to keep clean. Like many multi clad pots, this thing is really heavy, especially when full. It’s either have a quality, heavy pot or a light piece of junk. i think it’s worth it.

Grill Master Novice

Used it on my grill/smoker. Rice turned out great. Still trying to master my smothered pork chops. They were tender and evenly cooked. Excited to try out my next meal on the grill with my cast iron Dutch oven…. Did I mention nothing stuck on the first use!!! Love that it comes preseasoned.

Very heavy duty

Perfect pan for sautéing. It is heavy duty and easy to clean.

Great camping addition.

Great pans!!! did 4 extra rounds of seasoning and they work perfect, they are my camp cooking go to's.

What I alwayswanted.

So far this skillet is very versatile haven made cornbread yet. But it good at frying birra tacos so don't think there will be any major hiccups. Lid extra added bonus.

Awesome pan !

Did not buy for pizza , but got it for Indian Dosa which are crepes / pancakes made from fermented lentils and rice. Tried my luck with another brand but did not like the flavor, but this legend pan did the trick . Crispy dosas just like an Indian restaurant. I am a lodge lover , but this pan is just as good as a lodge pan at a better price. Wish lodge did not discontinue the 14 inch pizza pan , but this pan is a life saver . I am planning to use this also as a griddle for roasting vegetables and street style noodles. Legend brand , hats off to you for making such quality products.

Bakes great pizza and tortillas.

Make Sure you season it before using.

Love it!

Came well-packaged with instructions on how to care for the product. Our pizza comes out perfect every time. Don't let it sit with cheese stuck on it for too long though.

Excellent product!

Make certain to follow the care instructions because if you are tired of the same old thing, these pans will open up a whole new realm of cooking options. They are great!

cooking consistence

Great culinary item!


Cooking satisfied

Fits in smaller ovens

Love it, predominantly using as a pizza pan

Buen producto

ya hice mi primer pan de masa madre y fue un éxito

Love it

It works great.

cast iron frying [an

just the best stand by frying pan for almost eanything. easy clean up. even cooking

Loved it

Cooks evenly

You could take this fry pan to war

You could take this fry pan to war -- built like a tank: heavy and sturdy! My only minor disappointment is when used with an induction burner it emits a high pitched sound. For short periods of time it's no biggie --- but, if you're slow simmering for an extended period of time, it can be annoying. 4.5 stars overall.(They should allow 'half stars' for the reviews)

Very easy to cure.

Made chicken and dumplings and it did great. Very easy clean up.

High quality

Great quality! Heats food evenly, non stick, the lid and handle stay cool. Great for stews and cooking rice/quinoa etc (water doesn't boil over).

Good purchase!

I was looking for a new set of stain-steel cookware, and I found this Legend set, I am very impressed, it looks beautiful, very good material, easy to clean. I was afraid about the cleanness of them but I followed the instructions and I am very happy. I recommend this set.

Cast Iron Skillet
Michael S.
Great product

Great for steaks

Great Pot!

I'm very happy with this pot. Good quality.

Great Soup Pot

This was purchased to use for making homemade soup, It works great for soups that have lots of vegetables and mushrooms (which expel water) and 6-8 cups of broth. With wild rice, lentils, peas, or beans, it’s a pretty full pot but it can handle it. I start the veggies browning without oil and the pot is thick enough that they don’t stick to the bottom. The heat distribution is also real good.