Made to use.

In a world gone disposable, Legend crafts high-performance, high-value cooking tools that beg to be used, loved, and used again.

Get your hands on real, old-world kitchen gear that is at its best when put to the test. And get inspired to imagine, adopt, and create.

Used to make.

Legend’s cookware was never intended to just sit pretty. (Sure, our goods are good looking, but that’s gravy.) We serve makers.

Our mission is to craft cookware that lives up to the heritage of time-tested materials—while being designed for the modern cook like you.

Powerful first. Pretty second.

A reliable workhorse that can handle anything you dish out.

Needed first. Desired second.

Gear you reach for regularly, with features that matter.

Cook first. Warm second.

Made for the joy of making, so no toasters or microwaves.

Dreamed up in New York.
Dreamed of by cooks worldwide.

Legend’s cookware makes it to the top of wishlists in every season, for good reason. Buying a Legend performer for yourself or a loved one shows that you believe—in quality and in the recipient.

Legend Cookbook

In our book, you’re a Legend.

Your food is your pride and joy. We are honored to celebrate it.

01 Prepare your favorite dish using your favorite Legend cookware.

02 Submit your recipe with photos of your dish in Legend cookware.

03 Be featured and credited in the upcoming Living Legend cookbook.

A Legend is Forever

We believe nothing brings family and friends together like a well-cooked meal served with love and seasoned with care. Our mission is to craft solid, performance cookware that lives up to the heritage of time-tested materials — while being designed for the modern cook.