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8" Legend Edge Knife

8" Legend Edge Knife

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Introducing the Legend Edge Knife, a culinary masterpiece that defies time with its enduring charm and superior quality. Crafted with precision and unmatched artistry, this 8" Chef's Knife is your versatile kitchen companion, excelling in tasks such as mincing, chopping, and effortlessly slicing through a variety of ingredients—be it meat, fish, fruits, or vegetables. Elevate your cooking experience as this knife becomes an integral part of your culinary journey, making every meal preparation a joyous affair. Whether you're a seasoned chef or an aspiring home cook, the Legend Edge Knife is an essential addition to your kitchen toolkit, combining style and functionality seamlessly.

How to get cooking:

  • Follow included stainless steel care guide
  • Practice your pinch grip, rock-chop motions, and push-cut technique.
  • Always use proper cutting techniques
  • Sharpen your blades 1-3 times per year with a sharpener or whetstone
  • Great for slicing, chopping, dicing, meat poultry, fruits, and veggies
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    Make the most of it

    • Prep
    • Practice your cut
    • Hand wash only
    • Hone regularly
    • Sharpen 1-3 times a year
    • Store safely
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    Details & Specs


    Blade length: 8 INCH | 203.2 MM
    Total length: 13.54 INCH I 344 MM
    Blade height: 2 INCH | 5lmm
    Weight: 210 GRAM+ -15 GRAM

    Blade angle: 22°C 10
    Steel: X50GRMOVIS stainless steel
    Rockwell Rating: HRG 56 + -

    Featuring: G10 handle & German steel


    Hand wash only and dry immediately after use.


    Our Legend Edge Knife comes with a lifetime warranty against defects.

    8" Chef’s Knife


    A legendary dish starts with the first cut.

    Prepare Yourself


    Keeping you cooking, from prep
    to presentation.

    Long-lasting Kitchenware


    Inspire every meal with durable, reliable knives that work as hard as you do that.

    Precision Grip

    G10 Handles

    The handle has superior stiffness
    and strength, is abrasion resistant, and corrosion resistant.

    Ergonomic Excellence

    Rounded edged on blade spine

    For comfortable thumb pinch grip usage and a safety end for the pinky.

    Perfect Balance

    Modern curved radius, Full-tang forged.

    Precision meets strength for a kitchen essential that effortlessly blends contemporary style with timeless craftsmanship.

    Legend Edge Knife

    Traditional Knife

    Premium Stainless Steel
    Full-tang Construction
    Ergonomic Molded Handle
    Consistent Performance
    Honed Razor Edge
    Corrosion Resistance
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